SAM FILTER Filtration News:

2020-10-16 Monofilament meshes are structurally very strong and are available in nylon.
2020-10-16 PP Filter Bags are widely used for liquid filtration.
2020-10-16 Polyester felt bags are general-purpose media bags manufactured with a single layer of felt media.
2020-10-16 Stainless steel Bag filter housing is typically used in applications requiring gross particulate removal.
2020-10-16 Bag filter housing 100% with PP (polypropylene) filtration system, taking advantages of excellent PP material.
2021-01-25 We can provide almost all kinds of multi-bag filters available, from double-bag type to 24-bag type.
2021-01-25 The QLM filter unlque quick opening spindle closure mechanism provides for a 20 second opening--without tools.
2021-01-25 SAM duplex filtration systems provide the flexibility and highest filtration quality that your process may require.
2021-03-24 PVDF material Bag filter housing is applicable to strongly acid & alkali workplace. 
2021-03-24 Automatic Self cleaning filter the standard industrial process control DCS interface.
2021-03-24 Filter screen working in the self cleaning filter is easy to be cleaned and it is not consumption part.
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