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Bag Filter Housing
Intelligent Bag Filter Housing
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Dulpex filter housing
PTFE bag filter housing
Interlayer Bag Filter housing
Hotsale Bag Filter Housing
Liquid Filter Bag
PP/PE filter bag
Nylon mesh filter bag
SS filter bag
High efficiency filter bag
Oil absorbing filter bag
Air Filtration Product
Dust collector filter bag
Automatic Filtration Product
Self cleaning filter strainer
SBF self cleaning filter housing
SYF self cleaning filter housing
Back wash filter strainer
High viscosity filter strainer
Other Filtration Product
Basket strainer
Vortex filter
Filter Cartridge
Machine Hardware

Shanghai SAM Environment Protection Co., Ltd located in the Jin Qiao Export Processing Zone Pudong, Shanghai, China. We are high-tech and environment protection company specialized in manufacturing and developing filter products. Our strength is state of the art technology, advanced equipment and strict quality system. We are ISO9001: 2000 certificated company and have acquired export licence.
Our products are widely used in various fields such as Fine Chemical, Water Treatment, Industrial Paint, Paper Making, Automobile and Metal Processing, Food and Beverage, Pharmacy, Petroleum and Petrifaction Industries. Our main products including: Bag Filter Housings, Filter Bags, Dust Collector Filter Bags, Automatic Self-cleaning Filters, Automatic Backwashing Filters, Plastic Filters, Stainless Steel heat Preservation Filters, Vortex Self-cleaning Filters, Machine Hardware: Pipe fitting, Gate Valve, Nozzle, Flowmeter, Pressure gauge,O-RING, Flanges, Flow valve etc. They can be used alone or in combination to meet various industrial filtration needs.
We continuously strengthen the technical development in the gas field to satisfy all the customer’s requirement in domestic and oversea.

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